Other Helpful Folks


Nonprofit Management Solutions | NMS
Since 1984, training over 90,000 nonprofit practitioners to run their organization more effectively through workshops and consulting.


University of San Diego – SOLES
 – Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research | USD INER
 – MA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management | USD NP Masters


RyanNonprofits | RyanNonprofits
Specializes in helping leaders of small nonprofits create and execute strategic plans. The business is mission-driven and highly focused to catalyze the success of small nonprofits through strategic planning.

Other Helpful Sources


Yes, it sounds crazy! But the IRS website has great user-friendly info on exempt organizations, forms, donor rules, etc. 


California Attorney General |
Lots of good information about forming your charity in California, checking NP status, raffle rules, etc. 


Nonprofit Assistance | NAF Resource Library
Great resource library of handouts and worksheets written for use by your staff and Board